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Adopt a River for Sustainable Development

Adopt a River for Sustainable Development is a locally focused, global initiative that aims to protect, restore, and sustain freshwater ecosystems to assist and promote the sustainable development of communities. Adopt-a-River provides a focus and mechanism to mobilize the community, with the support of other stakeholders, to improve their wellbeing through the restoration of their natural environment.

What is Adopt-a-River

About Adopt-a-River

Adopt-a-River is focused on direct action taken at the local level. Rotary Clubs, or a coalition of Rotary Clubs, make a long-term commitment to protect, restore and sustain a local waterbody by developing a programme strategy to address the threats and needs impacting the waterway. The programme strategy acts as a focal point bringing together the community and stakeholders, both local and international, to implement projects to benefit the waterbody and the community that surrounds it. The work of the Rotary Clubs is supported and amplified by the Adopt-a-River initiative restoring freshwater ecosystems at a global level.

News and Media

Adopt-a-River In Mexico

Juan Ernesto Benítez Valle Publicado por primera vez en la Revista Rotary México Salvador Rico, siempre preocupado por la naturaleza y ocupado en buscar estrategias