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The Importance Of Clearing Rivers


Rivers are important part of human lives. But unfortunately, only few are aware of its importance. The proof: tons of trash in our rivers and creeks, making it look and smell like a dumpsite.

The garbage in rivers is more than just an eyesore because it can possibly contaminate our drinking water and threaten nature, our lives, and that of our loved ones. Even a piece of litter thrown on the street may contribute to the piling garbage in our rivers and creeks.

Rivers are no mere flowing bodies of water because they are “life giving”; hence, they should be given importance.

Here are some of the reasons why cleaning river is important:

Rivers are important source of water.

Rivers remain an important source of drinking water for many towns and cities. The water is purified first before it reaches to our tap. However, if our rivers remains polluted, the water can’t be purified to the extent that it won’t be suitable for human consumption anymore.

It is crucial to look after our river systems and protect them from pollution to we want them to keep on flowing to our taps.

Rivers are considered as habitat for animal and plant species.

Rivers provide habitat to a wide range of animal and plant species. However, these species are already critically endangered due to the rapid deterioration of our rivers. These endemic species, can only be found in the Philippines, may be saved if we clean up our rivers.

With clean rivers, communities could benefit both socially and economically.

Clean, healthy rivers reduce human health risk and improved quality of life. Less trash  increase recreational activities along rivers clean and safe walk and run trails for the community. As recreational activities increases, tourists will be attracted. Thus, affecting both the economy and well-being of the community.

We could draw inspiration from Iloilo City. How they successfully revived their main river and built a beautiful Esplanade, the first of its kind in our country, with their key guiding principles of “unity, strategic planning, and political will”.

It’s all up to us to make it happen. As human and industrial waste and garbage add up to the river pollution, each of us can do small things to help clean up our river and that adds up to the pollution solution.

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